Why rely on a security services company?

Every modern organization is constantly exposed to threats of a malicious, negligent or accidental nature; this in relation to production processes, employee actions, external relations and belonging to an uncertain and conflictual globalized system.

For these reasons, security must be guaranteed at various levels: from the safety of people to the protection of patrimonial resources (tangible and intangible).

Today, even IT risks (increased by 250% in recent years) can significantly affect the economic assets of a company and it is for these reasons that EBESSE Security Provider has developed a series of 360° solutions to be adopted to increase the security level of the corporate assets guarantees business continuity.

Furthermore, it is important to underline that the Security Managers of our security agency are constantly updated on the latest technologies and working methods in the sector, thanks to their participation in conferences and specialized training courses.

By virtue of their experience and skills, our Professionals are able to face the most complex challenges and find customized solutions for each situation.

In particular, our attention to continuous training and professional updating allows us to maintain a high quality standard in providing Safety/Security, Safety and Facility Management services.

We are also committed to guaranteeing constant dialogue with our customers, in order to understand their specific needs and offer ever more effective and innovative security solutions.

Between employees and collaborators
Years of experience
Top brands that have chosen us


Choose the 360° protection and safety of our professionals.Read More »


Trust our detectives to investigate suspicious activity.Read more »

Private security

Ensure maximum security through an excellent security service.Read More »

Retail Reception

Safeguard your store from theft and secure your customers.Read More »

Security Events

Security services for the security of public and private events that take place indoors or outdoors.Read More »

Car rental

Do you want to be transferred to the city with maximum comfort?Read More »


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Facility services

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Portfolio E.B.ESSE

Below are the safety / security services that we perform for some of our customers .

We offer different solutions to ensure excellent security based on individual needs.

Our security experts , through a careful risk analysis, are able to create the most performing solutions.

Google, BCG e Salesforce

Google, Boston Consulting Group and Salesforce provide a daytime surveillance and receptionist service and an armed security service during the night. To learn more, please click here

Park Hyatt Milano

Hotel security can be armed or unarmed. E.B.ESSE is aimed at all those structures that want to guarantee maximum safety to their customers in terms of: theft, fire and any danger.

Harry Winston e Swatch

For Harry Winston and Swatch we carry out fiduciary concierge activities in the management offices and stores located in Milan and Rome. We have a lot of experience in this regard.

Starbucks Milano

E.B.ESSE takes care of the security and access control service for Starbucks, in particular the control of the inflow and outflow of people and the Security at the Roastery in Milan.


Security case history for Alliance not disclosed for confidentiality reasons.


E.B.ESSE deals with the concierge service, in particular the control of the inflow and outflow of people at Inditex stores throughout Italy

Supermercati Conad

Conad asked us to activate a security service which consists of employing staff to deal with the inflow and outflow of customers at its supermarkets, with the aim of preventing critical events.


E.B.ESSE. is a security agency that provides private security professionals for events, i.e. Control Service Workers, Fire Operators, Access Control, GPG, Hostesses etc…

Sicurezza cantieri EXA

Il servizio nei cantieri consiste nella sorveglianza ai cantieri per preservare i beni ed evitare intrusioni  durante il giorno e la notte. Per saperne di più clicca qui

Logistics and transport security

We are able to guarantee a high level of professionalism and competence. Our experience with DHL allows us to meet the typical needs of the sector.


We carry out professional security / stewarding services for different sporting events, from car races to football matches, basketball etc…TO LEARN MORE, PLEASE CLICK HERE

Luxury Wedding

We are able to guarantee a high level of discretion and professionalism, for exclusive events such as weddings on Lake Como. Our experience allows us to satisfy the typical needs of international customers.

Investigazioni ad alto profilo

E.B.ESSE carries out high-profile investigations for large-scale retail multinationals, credit institutions, insurance companies, law firms, private individuals, etc…

Our mission:

Supervision and Control Technological Services

For some companies, expertise is a distinguishing factor.

For us it is the starting condition.

The complexity inherent in the management of a Security Service requires professionalism, consolidated knowledge, maximum reliability and attention to customer needs, as well as the ability to plan wide-ranging actions, the effects of which will be seen in the long term.

We are called to face unexpected events, emergencies, and disruptions.

For this reason, we have built a SECURITY organization capable of achieving high standards of efficiency while at the same time being flexible, highly adaptable, and responsive to sudden changes. Our organization is capable of quickly restoring stability and certainty in the daily uncertainty.

We are people first and professionals second.

We work to create a close-knit and cohesive environment that respects the balance between private life and professional commitment.

We enhance and consolidate our uniqueness every day by concentrating our energies in a single direction.

We collaborate internally to offer all customers an excellent Security & Investigations service.

Our Security Agency works above all to grow and continuously improve the results.

We don’t give up in the face of obstacles and we are demanding on ourselves.

We continuously seek innovation in the Security field, rewarding competence, commitment and perseverance in achieving objectives.

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