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The E.B.ESSE Private Surveillance Institute is a service provided by armed professionals under the direction of Security Managers with proven experience. We firmly believe in the concept of “preventive control”. For this reason, thanks to the experience acquired, we invest considerable resources in the search for the best security solutions. We train our staff to be competent in every situation. E.B.ESSE is a certified and certified private security institute with twenty years of experience. Our experts including: armed or unarmed security guards will secure your home or business.

Private Security Services

We can also provide a 7/24 remote control operations center service. This supplement guarantees management continuity of the surveillance services through the use of security technologies and remote control.

Thanks to a dynamic, modern managerial staff and an entrepreneur open to new technologies. The Operations Centre, receiving the directives, is always ready to guarantee efficient assistance interventions for the personnel on duty, managing emergencies in a safe, rapid way and involving the public bodies on the basis of the required needs.

The characteristics of our services are typical of a private surveillance agency:

  1. Immediate
    All armed and non-armed services are constantly monitored, and all operators are selected, therefore trained for any eventuality
  2. Direct
    All vehicles are constantly connected to the operations centres, with highly specialized personnel who work in close collaboration with the police forces
  3. Reliable
    We have methods of control and review of operating procedures for continuous improvement of the quality of the service.

Private security institute with qualified and certified personnel

Our staff is selected and qualified by the European Bodyguard Association, and is able to provide consultancy and planning on specific needs. We use calibrated systems for any type of installation, guaranteeing customer assistance carried out with professionalism and timeliness.

Our operators are highly qualified, and are trained to intervene promptly in dangerous situations in any environment. We strongly believe in the training and competence of the personnel, this because it translates into greater possibilities of successfully concluding a critical situation with the containment of possible damages and possible collateral consequences, both in terms of material damages and in terms of the law.

Istituto di Vigilanza Privata

Security services – Private security company

We offer the best private security services that can adapt to any need for surveillance and surveillance of areas to be protected. We are able to supply armed or unarmed personnel depending on the level of criticality. After an initial phase of consulting and learning about the client’s issues and needs, thanks to the proven experience of our Security Managers, we are able to create a surveillance plan that addresses security.

Surveillance Services with Patrol

This type of surveillance service can be requested to protect environments at risk of robbery, or to control access during the night or particular buildings that require special protection. Our operators can be armed or unarmed depending on the possible risks and requests of the client. The activity can be carried out in a fixed place, such as access control, or dynamic, i.e. equipped with a machine.

Our operators carry out increasingly specialized training courses, ranging from anti-terrorism and behavioral psychology to less complex cases such as first aid and fire prevention. Each of our resources is equipped with the most sophisticated communication and defense technology.

As a private security institute, surveillance is carried out by private guards who we provide are equipped with the most modern means in the field of security. They are equipped with radios connected to the operations centre. Their task is to supervise and patrol the territory of competence, during the day and night. Our agents carry out checks aimed at the objectives indicated by the customer to inspect accesses, shutters, doors and windows. Surveillance at sensitive sites are studied and analyzed in such a way that they can be repeated at different times every day. This is so that any criminals cannot predict daily operations.

Through a custody and protection activity, we guarantee a flexible security service that can be adapted to the most diverse needs. E.B.ESSE  through the Operations Centers, is able to protect several sites connected simultaneously. This is thanks to constant monitoring of the areas at risk and a truly effective emergency service.

Private Armed Security

This Security Operator can only intervene in the event of flagrant crime. Armed private security is a security service suitable for protecting one’s business and/or activity. Our operators, trained by our specialized internal body, have the task of dissuading criminals from carrying out the action.

However, the arrest, identification and control will be by the judicial police who will be notified immediately. Our operators can provide the armed private security service in groups or in some cases even individually. The activity of our operators is supported by a central connection 24/7.

Unarmed Private Security Service

Unarmed surveillance mainly concerns controlling access to shops or businesses. It consists in checking the anomalies detected by the sensors placed at the entrance. If the anomaly is detected by the sensors at the exit, the Guard may invite the subject to check the contents and verify that the shopping corresponds to the receipt.

However, the subject is not obliged to show what is requested. In fact, under no circumstances will the guard be able to carry out a personal search. This is because an authorization from the judicial authority is required. If the sensors continue to detect unpaid goods, the guard must invite the subject to go to the appropriate anti-shoplifting office. Subsequently, we will have to wait for the armed forces who will continue with the checks in respect of privacy.

Private Surveillance Costs

The costs of private security vary according to the type of surveillance service that is required. Night surveillance will have different costs than daytime surveillance. The use of armed personnel will have different costs compared to the non-armed one. Another important factor is the size to be monitored. Some large places are subject to intrusion risk more than others. This involves the use of trained personnel who make use of suitable tools for that type of work.

Unlike other supervisory institutes, we are able to provide training and the necessary tools to carry out the work within the commercial proposal made during the negotiation phase. Maximum transparency and the shared choice of actions and costs will be performed with the clients.

E.B.ESSE is in possession of AUTHORIZATION for research and intermediation of Supervisory Institutes on behalf of third parties, pursuant to article 115 of the T.U.L.P.S


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