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Space Security

Space security refers to the protection and safeguarding of assets, activities, and interests in outer space from threats and risks. As human activities in space have expanded, so too have the concerns related to space security. Cybersecurity Space systems are reliant on ground-based infrastructure for control and data communication. Ensuring the cybersecurity of these systems is vital to prevent unauthorized access, interference, or disruption by…


Environmental Security

Environmental security refers to the protection of the environment and its natural resources as a means to ensure the well-being, safety, and stability of societies and nations. It is a concept that recognizes the close interdependence between environmental factors and the security of individuals, communities, and nations. Resource Scarcity Environmental security often revolves around the availability of essential resources such as clean water, arable land,…


Physical Security

Physical security is the practice of implementing measures and precautions to protect physical assets, people, and properties from unauthorized access, damage, theft, vandalism, or harm. It encompasses a wide range of strategies, technologies, and procedures designed to ensure the safety and security of physical locations. Access Control Controlling and monitoring who can enter and exit a facility is a fundamental component of physical security. Access…